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Red Sea Tea

Red Sea Tea

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RED SEA TEA~ A holistic tea created specifically for that beautiful time of the month. This tea was made to help promote and support a healthy menstrual flow.


Red Raspberry Leaf- Contains a component called Fragarine which tones and relaxes the uterine muscles = eases cramps and helps with a heavy flow. Rich in vitamins and minerals such as B, C, potassium, magnesium, Zinc, phosphorus and iron. Which are all key to having a pain free period.


Valerian Root- Helps with insomnia, anxiety, natural pain reliever and helps to relax muscles. This is because it contains a component called GABA which helps regulate the nervous system


Dandelion- Helps detox the liver and kidneys and restores hydration along with balancing electrolytes.


Nettle- Nutrient dense herb that helps with inflammation and swelling


Burdock Root- Anti fungal and antibiotic properties helps fight streptococcus which causes acne. Periods sometimes causes acne because the immune system is more focused menstruation. Also helps to purify the blood and aids in lymph movement.


Hibiscus- Helps to balance hormones. Anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, Antioxidant. Strengthens immune system. Lowers blood pressure



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